Preciado Designs is Focused on Handcrafting Footwear that is Chic and Comfortable.

A Family Driven Company

The word “Preciado” stands for highly esteemed, prized, valuable, from the root word “precious.”

We make Precious Shoes.

We Strive to make the most Beautiful, Unique, and Comfortable shoes.

We will consistently make the most innovative shoes possible.

It all began when my better-half kept telling me that beautiful shoes are very uncomfortable.

To which I said we can make shoes that focus on Comfort, Quality, and Style.

Thus the Journey began.

Our Shoes are Handcrafted by a team of Artisans.

My Beloved Wife, our two beautiful daughters and my Mother have consistently supported my dream of making shoes into a reality.

I Greatly Appreciate all of my Family and Friends who have helped me achieve our current level of success.